Next Show Date: Sunday 3rd March 2024

Dalgety Show 2024 Horse Information


The Dalgety Show Horse Section is run by a group of VOLUNTEERS forming the Horse Section Committee. Any attendees or competitors wishing to help this group are more than welcome to assist with the lead up to the show or on the day.

Please contact the Show Secretary on if you would like to help. This year we also had a wonderful volunteer pass away who in the past few years has completed most of our classes and ran our day. We ask that you have patience and gratitude as those that have kindly stepped in do their best.


  • Ticket office will be open from 6:30am Sunday morning until 11am. 
  •  Show jumping entries and yards will be available on Global Entries from Monday the 29th until Friday the 1st of March. Show jumping can also be entered Sunday morning at the ticket office. Any riders who enter on Global Entries will still  need to sign a physical waiver.
  •  Stockman’s Challenge entries will be taken at the Stockman’s Challenge immediately before the event. 

Horse Secretaries Office 

The Office will be open on Sunday 6.30am- 11am for show ring and show jumping entries and signing of waivers. 

Commencement Times 

  • Show jumping 8:30am 
  • Ring 1 – 8:30am 
  • Ring 2 – 8:30am  

2024 Horse Schedule Here


From 1 January 2022, mandatory for all EA Affiliated Jumping events to have a tagged helmet. As Dalgety Show is an EA affiliated show we will be required to check all helmets have been tagged before you jump this rule applies to everyone entering our jump rings with absolutely no exceptions.

This is a EA tag not a pony club tag.  


Horse entries open Thursday 2 February and close Saturday 2nd March 2024

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Dalgety Show Stockman’s Challenge

  • Sponsored by B&M Rudd, “Mount Pleasant”
  • Rug generously donated by Rippers Rural
  • Prizes kindly donated by John Maslin and Jay Podger Personalised Leather Crafts

To be held between the horse rings and the yard dog trials 

Entries will be taken at the Stockman’s Challenge prior to start.

Approximate start time 3pm, around completion of the ASH classes.

Riders may practice the obstacles in a sensible and safe manner prior to start of the competition.

Riders may enter multiple horses.

All riders must sign a waiver prior to competing, these will be available at the event. Riders under 18 years of age must wear a helmet. 

Opens Entry $20 per horse 1st $150 + Prize 2nd $100 + Prize 3rd $75 + Prize 4th $50 5th $25

Juniors (under 16) Entry $10 per horse 1st $50 + Prize 2nd $40 + Prize 3rd $30 + Prize 4th $20 5th $10 Rules:

Each obstacle is worth an allocated number of points and each run is timed.

Riders are allowed 2 attempts at each obstacle, with the maximum points attainable on the 2nd attempt being 5 points.

After the 2nd unsuccessful attempt riders will be instructed to move to the next obstacle.

The horse and rider combination with the highest points and fastest time wins.   

Obstacles to expect:

Participants will have the opportunity to practice the obstacles prior to start of event.

  • Jump  
    • Wool bale 
    • Laying down single barrel 
    • Hay bales 
  • Chaff bag drag 
  • Curtain 
  • Seesaw  
  • Backing 
  • Side pass 
  • Tyre  
  • Lasso (points for throw only awarded if horse is immobile) 
  • Tarp 
  • Spinning horse carousel 



Please click here for your waiver



Established in 1981

(Updated 2023)


AND PARTICIPATING SHOW SOCIETIES Please Note: 2023 revised rules made by show committees

Prizes: Rug + 1st $450; 2nd $240; 3rd $160; 4th $115; 5th $60

The “Nimmity Bell” show jumping pointscore is a competition run over 4 shows – Nimmitabel, Delegate, Dalgety and Bombala. The “Nimmity Bell” trophy is to be awarded to the horse & rider combination with the highest pointscore in open competition over 4 shows. This will be awarded at the completion of events at the Bombala Showjumping events.

1. Horses can only score in 80cm or higher, novelty events excluded, All entrants in these events will be eligible for the “Nimmity Bell Pointscore” regardless of the total amount of entries in one class.

2. A horse & rider combination can only score once at each show. This score will be their best placing from that show. If a horse fails to place in an event, it will score zero for that show. The points will be awarded as follows: 1st = 5 points, 2nd = 4 points, 3rd = 3 points, 4th = 2 points, 5th = 1 point, no placing yet eligible = 0 points. In the case of “tied” placings the points will be spilt, the same way as prizemoney.

3. Horses and rider combination must compete at all 4 shows to be eligible for the “Nimmity Bell Pointscore”. The only exception will be if an official vet / doctor’s certificate is presented to the official scorer indicating the horse/ rider’s inability to compete at one of the 4 shows. .

4. Any disputes regarding the “Nimmity Bell Pointscore” must be directed to Anita Walder 0428613344 to be dealt with. Official protest/s must be made in writing within 1 hour of the class being completed and must be accompanied by $50.00 and presented to the chief steward of the relevant show.

5. Please note: It is requested that EA summer dress standards apply for competitors at all four shows (no polo shirts – shirt with tie or stock to be worn).

6. Overall prize money will be awarded to the top 5 place getters at the completion of events at Bombala Show.


Yards & Hot Tape

Dalgety Showground has 55 yards available for use. Showground yards must be prebooked and attract a fee of $5 per yard (valid for use on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th March only). Yard positions will be assigned on a random basis unless a specific location has been requested. YARDS MUST NOT BE EXTENDED. Bookings for yards will only be accepted through Global Entries Online. Select a Round per yard required. If maximum number of rounds is reached, select additional yards from separate yard 'class'.



Free-of-charge camping is available but is limited inside the grounds. Should power be required, competitors are advised to bring a long, tagged extension lead. Leads will be checked and if not Tested & Tagged, they may be removed. Showground Entry Gate entry must be paid for all competitors & their family/friends/assistants.

Everyone must wear their Dalgety Show wristband whilst in the showgrounds. Showground entry tickets can be purchased at the entry gate to the showground.


Domestic Dogs

In the interest and safety of our equine and canine competitors, please do not bring non competing domestic dogs to our show.
Whilst a day out at the show for your pooch might seem like a nice thing to do this Sunday, your dog may cause distraction for our competing animals and their handlers.
Any persons that brings a dog into the show ground arena will be asked to take their dog home or find a suitable alternative.


Secretaries Office

The Office will be open Sunday 6.30am-11.00am.

This is where tickets can be purchased, waivers can be handed in and prize money/ribbons collected.




Updates Follow our webpage and Facebook page 'Dalgety Show' for updates as we get closer to the Show.



The Dalgety Show Society would like to thank our sponsors who have contributed to the Horse Section. Without their help, the section would not be able to run as it does. 


Commencement Times

Ring 1 - 8.30am

Ring 2 - 8.30am

Showjumping - 8.30am